Thursday, August 21, 2014

Backass shoveling shit:

Backes put up the link to A Year Ago Today on Youtube, encouraging people to view it there. But, then he trashes Youtube and calls it shit. Then what are you putting up shit for, Shithead?

And in this case, I agree that it's shit, and I suspect the CD is just as shitty. That's because there is a bait and switch involved. They go from one version to the other version, and in order to sell it, they had to speed it and blur it, and they did. 

But, I'll tell you what, Backes: You've got the DVD, right? Great. So you watch the squad room clip in the DVD, and you tell us if it's any clearer and better than what we see on Youtube. And if you say that it's a lot clearer and a lot better, then I'll buy it. But, if it turns out that you lied, there's going to be hell to pay.

And they are essentially side by side, oriented the same way. 

You're quibbling, Backes. Stop it. They're pointed the same way. 

And no, Backes, you dumb fuck, I'm not comparing the men who posed with Oswald in front of the Texas Theater with the ones who led him into the squad room. Why would I do that? It's stupid. What I'm doing is comparing the men who were with Oswald coming out of the elevator and walking down the hall with the ones who led him into the squad room. I never said a word about the cops at the theater. Why would I bring them into it? You dumb fuck. How many times have I told you to STOP MISREPRESENTING ME. You're a stupid moron, and you don't understand anything. 

And no, you're wrong. When you look at that Four Days film, the disparate clip was woven into it such that it really looked like one continuous sequence. Despite the differences, which seem obvious now, nobody registered on it until I did. Therefore, 50 years went by before anybody noticed that they "edited" in disparate footage. You didn't start talking about it until I brought it up. It's not as though you came to me, and said, 

"Guess what, Cinque? There is a point in the Four Days film in which they inserted some unrelated footage from another time, although most people don't notice it. It was harmless, and I don't fault them for it, as it was just some editing that they were entitled to do. But, I thought you'd like to know."

That didn't happen. We started talking about because I brought it up upon noticing the change in his shirt. If you noticed it before I did, why didn't you bring it up before I did? The fact is that you didn't notice until after I told you about it. 

You can't win, Backes. I defeat you every time, and this time's no different. It was Oswald in the doorway, Lovelady not in the squad room, and a whole lot of faking going on. 

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