Monday, August 25, 2014

Backass, if you're going to discuss it, you should have the decency to post the images. Let your readers see what we are talking about. The fact that you are unwilling to post them proves that you know very well how persuasive they are that they were different women.

They are different women, and the woman on the left (above) was older than 54 at the time. She was more like 64. Here they are when they were younger. 

Not being into women, you're probably not a good judge of female attractiveness, but take it from me, the one on the left is a real cutie-patootie, and the one on the right is not. And notice how old the one on the right looks. That was from 1942, so she was reportedly just 35. But, does she look 35? 

Those are all 35 year old women surrounding her, Backass. 35 is a dazzling age for women. But, she was not 35. 

Put the images up, Backes. Don't just talk about them. Let your people see them. Let them decide for themselves. Stop being so devious about it. You're just showing how dishonest and corrupt you are.  

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