Thursday, August 21, 2014

The bloodied bastard, after complaining for 3 years about me using Youtube videos, puts up this piece of shit from Youtube:

That is the worst of the worst, you dumb fuck. This is how bad it is:

 And then it goes to this:

So, that's the Buck film? Is that the quality of it? Why is the quality so poor? Why don't you show us a clear version? You've been trashing Youtube videos for 3 years, and in the end, that's all you've got? 

That is not Bucks' original film. It's Buck's film combined with other footage of another Lovelady figure. And, they blurred it up intentionally so that the two men could not be compared very well. Here they are clearly. 

The reality is that they were trying to pass off two different Lovelady figures as the same man, so they spliced them together, sped it up, and blurred it up- as much as they could. 

This crappy film cannot be the quality of Buck's work:

Where is the good version, Backes? Why is this so blurry? And don't be blaming Youtube. There are plenty of clear films on Youtube. You, of all people, have no right to use Youtube. 

This if fraud, and I am screaming bloody murder! They merged two different versions of the Squad room scene into one. That's what they did, and don't deny it! They had two different Loveladys. They were done at different times, in different ways, and with different people. The idea that what is seen in this film is what was broadcast on November 22, 1964 is preposterous. It is obscene. It is an outrage. 

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