Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's just as I thought:

What David Von Pein has his site is a Youtube video. That's how David Von Pein puts videos up- on Youtube.

It's not one bit better on David Von Pein's site than it is on Youtube itself. That's because: IT'S A YOUTUBE VIDEO, ASSHOLE!

And it's shit. And now we have you saying that it's exactly what you get on the DVD. So, if it's not one bit better, what's the point of getting the DVD?

And it's not that it isn't high-def. Did I say anything about high-def? No, I didn't. What I said is that it was deliberately blurred and deliberately sped up so that viewers would not notice the bait and switch that they did when they went from one Lovelady to the other. And when they broadcast that film in 1964, there was nobody at the desk in the squad room. 

You're bloodied and you're stupid, Backass. And you can't possibly win. You can't even compete. 

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