Friday, August 29, 2014

The last moment before they went out there, Leavelle actually made a joke to Oswald about the peril. He said that he hopes that if someone tries to shoot Oswald, that he is as good a shot as Oswald is, so that he doesn't miss and hit Leavelle by mistake. 

That's what he said right before they walked out there, which shows you that he had the mental consciousness of Oswald coming under attack. So, if he had that consciousness, why didn't he look around? Why didn't he scan the danger zone? Why didn't he peruse the battlefield? What was the point of him being there if he wasn't going to keep his eyes peeled for threats? Why wasn't he on the lookout, vigilantly and constantly?   

Leavelle went on to have a cottage industry JFKing. I don't know how many interviews he did over the years, and I don't know how many times he received awards. But, they awarded him recently in conjunction with the 50th anniversary. But, what did they award him for when he failed? His job was to protect Oswald, and he failed. He didn't even try to protect him. He had to know that an assailant wasn't going to come plowing through Fritz in front of him and wasn't going to come bursting through the wall on his right. An attack could only come from his left. So, why wasn't he focused there? 

And if he was really worried, why didn't he have his gun drawn? Because if he saw someone with a gun, what could he do to stop him except to shoot him? 

Why didn't they have a bullet-proof vest on Oswald? They put Terry Nichols in a bullet-proof vest. Over and over, they had their minions in the media say how concerned they were that someone would attack Oswald.  Then why didn't they take every precaution? But, they didn't take ANY precautions.

Jim Leavelle, this spitball is for you. Ptoi!   

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