Friday, August 22, 2014

An Open Letter to Buell Frazier

Buell, In March 1964, you testified to Warren Commission lawyer Joseph Ball that the Man in the Doorway of the Altgens photo was Billy Lovelady. 

I can only guess at the reasons why you said that. But, 50 years have passed, and there is no longer any excuse for maintaining that position when it is so obvious that it was Oswald in the doorway. 

Buell, you said that Oswald had with him a paper bag that was too small to contain a disassembled rifle. So, it definitely wasn't this bag:

So, what do you think happened to the bag that you saw? Why wasn't it found? And why didn't Oswald admit to it? It didn't contain a rifle, and there's nothing else it could have contained that was incriminating. If it was curtain rods, why didn't he admit to it? It's no crime to bring curtain rods to work. 

Buell, the Man in the Doorway is wearing Oswald's clothes: the unbuttoned, sprawled-open, long-sleeved shirt with the exposed white t-shirt with the notched margin. 

Only Oswald was dressed like that, Buell. He was unbuttoned that way because his buttons were missing- except for the bottom two. And they didn't come off during the scuffle in the theater. Mary Bledsoe testified that his buttons were missing on the bus. That is the reason why he watched the President of the United States with his shirt undone.  But, Lovelady's buttons weren't missing, and he had no reason to be configured like that. And he wasn't. 

Oswald's t-shirt was sunken because he stretched the margin by tugging on it. It was his habit to do that. We have several images of Oswald in which his t-shirt settled like that. 

We are seeing Oswald's unique, homemade, v-shaped t-shirt on the Doorway Man. It could not possibly have been Lovelady's. 

Oswald had the habit of clasping his hands together in front of his body. He was even doing it at the last moment of his conscious life when Jack Ruby shot him. 

He was doing it in the doorway, Buell. 

There is nothing else his arm could have been doing swung over like that. There was nothing else for it to be resting on except his own other hand. He wouldn't have just swung it over for no reason. Oswald was clasping his hands in front of his body, as he often did. 

Doorman has Oswald's ear, Buell:

That's the same ear, Buell. And ears are as distinctive as fingerprints. 

Doorman had Oswald's chin, Buell:

Doorman had Oswald's nose, Buell:

The only thing of Lovelady's that Doorman has is his hairline, but that's because they gave it to him. They took the hairline that Billy had when he was much younger (1950s) and gave it to Doorman.

You see how well those hairlines match, right? But, you know very well that Billy had lost a lot of hair by 1963, and he no longer had that hairline. Here is how Doorman must have looked before they altered his image: 

Buell, if you don't recall seeing Oswald in the doorway on 11/22/63, I think I know why. It's because he was the last to get out there and the first to leave, and all the action was to the front. Oswald left early. He may have left before the fatal head shot. He must have left early because it was the only way for him to have beaten Truly and Baker to the lunch room without being winded. 

So, it's OK that you didn't see him. But, you can see him now. You can recognize his face. His slender build. And his clothes. Look how well his collar matched that of the Doorway Man.

That's what got me started, Buell. There's no way that Lovelady's shirt looked like that and laid like that. The whole lay of the shirt was Oswald's.

That's the same outfit, Buell, and therefore, the same man. Here they are again:

That's Lee, Buell. That's your friend, Lee.

That's Lee, Buell. It's Lee Harvey Oswald.

They messed with his hairline and the shape of the top of his head. They moved Lovelady's "cap" over to him. But, it's still him: Lee Harvey Oswald.  It can't not be him.  

You know he was innocent. You know he brought no rifle to work. And you want to help him, don't you? Well, the only way you can help him is to declare that it's him in the doorway during the shooting. Tell the world that you now see it that way. It's not too late. There is no statute of limitations on telling the truth. It's not too late to rectify the mistakes of the past, including your mistakes. I know you have had a way of looking at it that has justified, in your mind, what you said in March 1964. But, you need to break through that and get free of it, Buell. Do it for Lee's sake, and do it for your own sake. And do it for the sake of the whole country because the burden of this national lie has gotten mighty heavy after 50 years. It would be awfully nice for everybody to get out from underneath it. 

Buell, you have got the power to change everything in the world of JFK. You can turn it upside down and inside out. Nobody alive has more power than you have. Sure, a lot of people are going to be mad at you if you suddenly switch sides. You'll lose some friends, no doubt. But, you'll gain plenty more. You have no idea what a hero you would be to the JFK truthers if you came out publicly for Oswald in the doorway. I'll help you, and I know a lot of others will as well. 

You're the pivot man, Buell. We can bust this thing wide open- with your help. The 51st anniversary is fast approaching. Let's give them a November 22nd they'll never forget. 

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