Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I stated to Bill Evans that they took disparate clips of Oswald being led around the PD and spliced them together to make them look continuous. 

Here's an example. Both are from the film Four Days in November by David Wolper. On the left, you see Oswald being led along by a cop in uniform, and Oswald's shirt is hanging off him. But just a few seconds later, Oswald has his shirt on properly, and now he's being led by a Dallas detective wearing their trademark white Stetson hat. 

Now, you might think it's pretty obvious, but I've never known anyone to point it out until I did. And with the narrator's voice smoothing it all out and tying it all together, most people just don't notice it. They really don't. It sails right over the radar. And I think that was the whole idea. 

So, they definitely did it here. Only a fool would deny it, right? And I'm saying they did it again with the squad room scene. That wasn't continuous with the first clip either. And since Oswald was reduced to a t-shirt by then, they painted a partial shirt on him so that it would match the starting frames.

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