Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This testimony from Officer Eugene Barnett shows that Dallas Police were inspecting the rail cars immediately after the assassination.

Mr. LIEBELER - Since you surmised that the shots had come from the building, you looked up and you didn't see any windows open. You thought they had been fired from the top of the building?
Mr. BARNETT - That's right.
Mr. LIEBELER - So you ran around here on Houston Street immediately to the east of the Texas School Book Depository Building and watched the fire escape?
Mr. BARNETT - I went 20 foot past the building still on Houston, looking up. I could see the whole back of the building and also the east side of the building.
Mr. LIEBELER - Did you see anybody coming off the fire escape up there, or any movement on top of the building?
Mr. BARNETT - Not a thing.
Mr. LIEBELER - What did you do after you went around behind the building?
Mr. BARNETT - I went looked behind the building and I saw officers searching the railroad cars. 

So, how much time are we talking about there? It may have been less than a minute after the last shot that Barnett saw officers searching the railroad cars. And who's to say they weren't searching them BEFORE the last shot? There's no reason to think that Officer Barnett saw them from the start. They may have been at it for a while.  They may have gotten started before the shots.  

So, if they found the Three Tramps in that time frame, why would it have taken until 2:30 to march them across the Plaza? 

That man on the top right looks like, is sized like, is dressed like, and stands like Lee Harvey Oswald. 

If anyone wants to dispute it, there is only one way: you have to provide an alternative identity for that guy. Give me a name. Until you do that, Lee Harvey Oswald remains the top contender. And he remains the only contender. 

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