Saturday, August 23, 2014

The evil bpunk is disputing Jack White's membership in the OIC based on a statement he made in August 2010. 

August 2010? In August 2010, not even Jim Fetzer was saying that Oswald was Doorman. 

I didn't burst on the scene until November 2011. That's when I put my first video up on Youtube. I didn't talk to Jim Fetzer for the first time until January 2012. 

So, it doesn't matter what Jack White said in August 2010. Minds change. Some people are capable of learning. 

When you analyze it correctly- which is by recognizing that Doorman is wearing Oswald's clothes- you realize that he has to be Oswald. That point was made to Jack White. 

And Jack White went on to issue much more positive statements about Oswald being Doorman, which I can't guarantee I can find, but I'll try. 

The listing of Jack White in the OIC is Fetzer-approved, and that's good enough for me. 

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