Wednesday, August 20, 2014

No, bpunk. You put up a corrupt picture of Robert Adams. He was actually a fat-faced guy.

We all know that they can stretch and reshape images, and that is what they did here. So forget about Robert Adams. It's just photographic flim-flam. That postal worker was not hobnobbing with Hunt, Quintero, Poshepny, and the other spooks. 

And no to you again, punk. It's not just the fedora hat and the trench coat that marks that one guy as E. Howard Hunt. It's the fact that they blackened out his face. 

 That isn't real, punk. There is no reason why his face- as much of it as was exposed- should have been all black like that. It's just like with Black Hole Man in Altgens where they blackened out his face. 

Now you listen up, punk: If you want to claim that Oswald sat down to eat lunch two minutes after watching Kennedy get his head blown off, fine.  But, you have to say it.  You either say it, or you shut the fuck up about those notes being chronological.   

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