Monday, August 25, 2014

I wasn't including baby pictures, Backass. And this is most definitely an image of Marguerite and her mother.

Why don't you think a little bit, Backass? That is obviously a mother and daughter. You can see the resemblance of their faces and their builds, and you can see that their ages correspond perfectly to them being mother and daughter. They're built the same; they're cut the same; they're proportioned the same; they are genetically intertwined.  

What are you and Robert Oswald trying to suggest? That the woman on the right is Marguerite Oswald? So these two are the same woman?

Are you out of your fucking mind? You are so stupid, Backes, it's astonishing. It is laughable to think they are the same woman. 

This teenage girl on the left was Marguerite, the REAL Marguerite, and she was standing with her mother.

 This is her through the years.

You don't know anything about human anatomy and the age-related anatomical changes that people undergo. You don't know anything about how to distinguish the physical attributes of people. Above, that is the same person, girl-into-woman.  

And Robert Oswald? Do you mean to tell me that you don't know the scoop on Robert Oswald? Robert Oswald had to know that the Lee Harvey Oswald of fame was not his biological brother, and he had to know that the Marguerite Oswald of fame was not his biological mother. He also knew that Oswald's daughters were not his nieces, and that is why he never acted like an uncle towards them. In fact, with their father dead, you'd think he would have stepped up and acted fatherly towards them, been no, he didn't.

Here's Robert Oswald. The woman on the left was his mother. The woman on the right was not. 

You're determined to be on the wrong side of every issue, aren't you, Backass? You are so bloodied. 

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