Friday, August 29, 2014

We interact quite a lot in the OIC, and support for the Two Oswalds theory is growing. Here is some correspondence from today:

Professor James Norwood: 

And what about Oswald's voice? In my book, I have written a lengthy section on why Oswald should have spoken with a Southern accent, exactly like Robert Oswald, his alleged brother. How did Oswald "lose" his Southern accent? 

There is simply too much evidence pointing to the Oswald killed in Dallas by Jack Ruby as a man who was a native Russian speaker. I'm entirely open to the possibility of Oswald having received some specialized language training. But thus far on the thread, I haven't seen any evidence or ideas that are convincing that he learned his Russian in the classroom. 

Dr. Thomas Halle:

Rather than the Army language school scenario, I find the "Two Oswalds" argument much more compelling. 

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