Thursday, November 3, 2016

I just realized something, and it is big: Jack Ruby was not wearing prisoner clothes. That white outfit was like cabana clothes or the uniform of a waiter in a Cuban restaurant. Imagine if you visited a prison and all the convicts were dressed like that. You'd think they were a bunch of senior citizens heading for Atlantic City. You can't tell me that they were dressing all the prisoners like that at the Dallas P.D. No way. It was something that they rigged up especially for Jack Ruby.

 So, why did they dress Ruby in that cabana shirt and the white milkman pants when it was not prisoner garb? And guess what? There was no prisoner garb. And there isn't now. I called the Dallas City Jail, and I was told, as I expected, that they don't issue uniforms to detainees. 

Understand something: We have habeus corpus rights in this country. It means that if police arrest you, the determination of whether there was legal grounds to arrest you isn't up to them. You, with your lawyer present, get to appear before a judge to discuss it. Fast. And, the judge may decide to dismiss the charges outright. But, if not, he or she will schedule a hearing and in the meantime let you post bail so that you don't have to remain in jail. He or she may even release you on your own recognizance. But, if he or she considers you a flight risk or a danger to society, he or she may "remand" you until trial. But, even then, you don't go back to the City jail. In New York City, you would go to Riker's Island, which is a prison on an island in the East River. A City jail is a very temporary holding place until you see a judge, and they don't issue uniforms. They didn't issue Oswald a uniform. My father was a jailer for the LAPD for 12 years, and he didn't issue the detainees any uniforms. And right now at Dallas City Jail, they are not issuing uniforms to detainees. 

So, what we are seeing on Ruby is not a prisoner uniform; it is just something that they rigged up specially for him. They didn't rig something up for Oswald, but they rigged something up for Ruby. The question is why, and I'll tell you why. It's because Ruby wore a suit that was undoubtedly similar to Bookhout's, but it wasn't identical. It wasn't exactly the same. There had to be differences if only subtle ones. Therefore, they couldn't march Ruby around in front of the cameras in his arrest clothes because someone might have gotten the idea to compare what he was wearing to the clothes of the shooter in the films. And remember that some of those people were in the garage and saw the shooter, and even from memory, they may have noticed differences. So, in order to remove the element of contrast between what Bookhout was wearing when he masqueraded as Ruby and what Ruby was actually wearing, they had to get rid of Ruby's clothes. They could not be seen. They had to keep them out of view. And that's why they had to change his clothes. It had nothing whatsoever to do with jail policy. It was contrary to jail policy. You want proof? Lee Harvey Oswald, who was not put into any jail uniform. 

Alright, so why didn't they just get Ruby something that looked like prisoner clothes, such as a bright orange jumpsuit? The reason they didn't do that is because, again, it was a City Jail, and they didn't have them there. Of course, they could easily have gotten one. But, there were a lot of people there who were used to the scene there, including people who worked there, who would have been surprised to see Ruby decked out like that. "Where did that come from?" they would have wondered. What they settled on was something that had a bit of a uniform look to it in being stark white, but on the other hand, if you ran into someone who was dressed like that, you wouldn't necessarily think, "there goes a prisoner."

So, here are the talking points:

1) Ruby's garb was NOT standard issue at the DPD for detainees. There wasn't any. It was a City Jail, not a penitentiary. 

2) They had to get Ruby out of his arrest clothes because differences to what Bookhout wore might have been noticed and could have been studied- for years to come. 

3) They weren't going to put him in a prison jumpsuit because, again, it was a City Jail, and it was not their practice. What they settled on was a hybrid, where the stark whiteness of it suggested "uniform" but really the style of the shirt was very casual, and more like cabana clothes. It's not as though every prisoner at the DPD was decked out like this: 

I guarantee you that the only prisoner who was decked out like that was Jack Ruby. NO other prisoner at the DPD wore that outfit. Only Jack Ruby. Nobody else. They rigged it up just for him. 

And what it means is that even the shirt and pants are smoking guns. There was no reason to dress a prisoner like that. Do you really think they had a huge inventory room full of that outfit 
in numerous sizes? If you do, then snap out of it!

So, just the fact that they dressed him up in those clothes is very incriminating- for them. But, the idea that they would have confiscated his underwear and given him some standard issue prisoner underwear???????????????????????

THAT IS EXTREME! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! IT IS AN ABOMINATION! The very existence of this invoice in which they claim to have confiscated a "set of underwear" from Jack Ruby is screaming out-loud  fraud. They might as well have put in writing that they killed Kennedy, killed Tippet, killed Oswald, and framed Ruby. All of that is contained and expressed and exposed in that one phrase: 1 set underwear.  

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