Thursday, November 3, 2016

In my last post, I made the point that the idea that Dallas Police confiscated Jack Ruby's underwear scant minutes after he fatally shot Oswald is an outrage, an abomination, but putting him in those cabana clothes wasn't much less of an abomination. 

And if anyone has a problem with that, they need to register on the fact that Oswald was NOT put into such clothes. Supposedly, both Oswald and Ruby were under arrest for murder, right? So, why wouldn't they be processed the same way? Why was Oswald marched around in just his t-shirt and given nothing in the way of clothes, while Ruby was decked out in cabana clothes? 

And, if you don't like my calling them "cabana clothes" well, first, what's life without a little mockery? But second, that's not really the point. It doesn't matter what you call them. The fact is: Ruby got them, but Oswald didn't. And that is the point. And there is no excuse for that. Either they put arrested persons into uniforms of some kind or they didn't. And, all the evidence, past and present, points to them NOT doing it with the one sole exception of Jack Ruby.

This is what it says on Wikipedia about prison uniforms:

prison uniform is the unified outward appearance of detainees in a situation of imprisonment. It is typically adapted under constraint.
Usually a prison uniform consists of a visually distinct garment, which must be worn by an incarcerated person instead of his or her individual civilian clothes. In most cases it is purposefully designed to establish a visual contrast to the outward appearance of prison officers and set up a clear distinction from civil clothing.
A prison uniform serves the purpose to make prisoners instantly identifiable, to limit risks through concealed objects and to prevent injuries through undesignated clothing objects. It can also spoil attempts of escape as prison uniforms typically use a design and color scheme that is easily noticed and identified even at a greater distance.
From reading the above, you can readily see that Jack Ruby's cabana outfit in no way met the criteria of a prison uniform.

It cannot be claimed that that was the standard practice at the Dallas City Jail because it wasn't and it isn't. It had to have been done for a Ruby-specific reason. And that reason was that his arrest clothes posed the danger of exposing the ruse. Jack Ruby was not the garage shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald.

However, this was a rather subtle ploy, and it took me a long time to figure it out. But, not at all subtle is the ridiculous contention that they confiscated his underwear minutes after the shooting. 

Ruby's gun was still smoking, yet, all they could think about was getting his drawers and replacing them? It is Theater of the Absurd, people. It is a farce beyond anything ever known. It is screaming and hollering FRAUD! And anyone who can't see that is either extremely obtuse, or they are working for the other side. 

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