Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Oh My God, did they ever blow it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. 

If they were going to produce a phony document to account for the different socks, they should have just have listed "1 pair black socks". But no. Instead, they put:

1 set underwear. What is a set of underwear? I mean: what does the word "underwear" mean when you don't specify? 

It certainly doesn't mean just socks. If they were just talking about socks, they wouldn't use the word underwear; they would say socks. And a t-shirt is underwear, but it's an optional garment. A man may or may not wear one. "Set" implies more than one item. If you have a set of something, it means you have at least 2 items. So, what was in this set of underwear that were taken from Jack Ruby?  How could they possibly not specify it?

This was a City Jail; it was not a penitentiary. Remember, Oswald got processed, just like Ruby. Oswald had a mug shot, just like Ruby. But, from Oswald, they just took his shirt, and they didn't give him anything to wear. They certainly didn't take his underwear.

So, why at the City Jail, where he was going to be domiciled for just one night before being transferred to the County Jail, would they take Jack Ruby's underwear? 

They wouldn't! They couldn't! They didn't! It's fake. And the fools expect us to fall for it. 

This was the City Jail! It wasn't Shawshank Prison! They didn't take your underwear! This is a blatant attempt to rationalize the disparate shoes and socks between the Garage Shooter and Jack Ruby.  

And what would be the grounds, the legal basis, for treating Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby so differently in terms of their clothing? Oswald had his shirt taken away from him, but he was not given any jail garb. NEVER did he get any jail garb. And they were marching him around in a t-shirt in late November, even though all the detectives and FBI agents were dressed in suits and hats and seemed perfectly comfortable with all that clothing on indoors. Yet, Oswald was marched around in nothing but a t-shirt. He complained about not being allowed to shower. He asked for his basic hygienic rights. But, in the case of Jack Ruby, after the Penguin scuffle in the garage, they drag him inside, and the first thing they want to do in processing him is demand that he strip out of his underwear and get into proper jail underwear????????

Look at this thing again because it has the blood of John Kennedy and Lee Oswald and quite a few others on it.

It is the face of evil. It is the face of stupidity as well, but likewise, evil. It is so incredibly stupid, I am shocked that anyone would be stupid enough to offer it up as evidence. But, they can't take it back. 1 set underwear. Ruby fatally shoots Oswald, and they immediately want his underwear because of how important it was that he wear the proper jail underwear. Hmmm. I wonder why they didn't insist on the same thing with Oswald? Rules is rules, right? Wrong.  

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