Sunday, November 6, 2016

That first court appearance, where a judge takes your plea and decides whether there are legal grounds to try you for a crime is called an arraignment. It's also at the arraignment where bail is set or the defendant is released on his or her own recognizance. And even if the judge decides to deny you bail and keep you incarcerated until trial, which is rare, you're not sent back to the City Jail; you're sent to another jail.

The U.S. Constitution guarantees that you be arraigned quickly, but each state can set its own deadline for what constitutes a speedy trial. I found out that in New York, it's 24 hours, that they actually have to drop the charges and let you go if they don't get you arraigned within 24 hours. So, what is it in Texas? In California, it's 48 hours, and likewise, in Texas, it is 48 hours. At least, that is what it says here:

So, since you are going to be arraigned within 48 hours, why would they bother giving you a prisoner uniform at a City Jail? They wouldn't. They don't. In Jack Ruby's case, it was something they rigged up especially and exclusively for him.

But, it was something they rigged up BEFORE the crime took place. It means: THEY KNEW THE CRIME WAS GOING TO TAKE PLACE.

So, the crime took place at 11:20 AM, but at 10:20 AM those clothes were there ready and waiting for him at the Dallas PD. His exact size. Look how well they fit. They didn't run out and get them after it happened. They got them before it happened. And that means they knew it was going to happen.

So, the clothes on Ruby's back are a sign of Dallas Police duplicity in the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald.

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