Sunday, November 6, 2016

This is a warehouse at Not being idiots, they have the books out of the boxes, where they are accessible, and where they are housed on sturdy, accessible, reachable shelves.

What you see below is a fraud. It is just for show. Those boxes stacked in tall columns on the left are just stuffed with paper or foam. Imagine if it was books, and imagine if you needed a book from a box that was second from the top. How could you possibly get it? You have no ladder; no lift. Think if how dangerous it would be. How are you supposed to reach it? 

It is just propaganda. It is just for show. Nobody would run a book distributorship that way. Not today and not in 1963. It's just Benjamin Braddock shit.

"See the books. See how they're stacked. Wesley has no trouble getting books from the top of the stack. Wesley is tall. There is nothing illegal going on here."   

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