Friday, November 4, 2016

There is no excuse any more for anyone not to admit that Ruby didn't shoot Oswald. Those who still think that he did need to face certain facts. 

1. You only believe it because you've been told it; because the State, the Almighty State and its Almighty Media, tell you it. You certainly can't tell from looking. This is a short guy in a fedora hat. That is the only thing you can garner from looking at this. You have no basis to claim that he is Jack Ruby. He is just a short guy, a little on the pudgy side, who is wearing a fedora hat. That's it.

2. If you think you know that Jack Ruby confessed to it, you haven't been listening to Jack. He said that he remembered going to the ramp entrance, where he passed Officer Sam Pierce who was sitting in a police car and talking to another officer whom he didn't recognize who was outside the car, then walking down the ramp to the bottom of the ramp where the reporters were and then being pounced upon by police. He remembered nothing in-between. He said that all the rest was a blur. A blur, a blur, a blur. He had no memory of shooting Oswald. But, if he had done it, wouldn't he remember? If he could distinctly remember seeing and recognizing the police officer Sam Pierce, why wouldn't he distinctly remember shooting Oswald if he had done it?

3. They immediately changed his clothes even before they took his mug shots. And the clothes they gave him were NOT a detainee uniform. The fact is that they didn't have detainee uniforms; it was a City Jail not a penitentiary. Oswald was given no uniform. And the clothes they gave Ruby were nothing like the clothes given to an incarcerated person. And, the pressing over and flattening of the collar and the top of the shirt was an extra flourish totally out of place for a jail uniform. It was something rigged up, in advance, for Ruby because they knew it was coming. The whole thing was pre-conceived, pre-ordained, pre-arranged, and pre-planned in advance- well in advance.

4. The discovery of the discordance between Ruby's socks and the socks of the shooter resulted in the ridiculous contention that minutes after Ruby fatally shot Oswald that his underwear was confiscated and replaced, as recorded here:

That is insane, and it was done to rationalize this:

So, it is Ruby on the left and the shooter on the right, scant minutes apart. In order to explain that sock disparity, they had to make it that Ruby was given different socks to wear. But, they couldn't bring themselves to add "1  pair grey socks" to the invoice. Instead, they made it "1 set underwear" which is ridiculous, preposterous, and has zero credibility. It is obviously a desperate and stupid attempt to escape the inevitable conclusion that Jack Ruby and the shooter were two different men. 
This, all together, amounts to compelling evidence that Jack Ruby did NOT shoot Oswald, but rather that he was framed, just like Oswald was framed. And there is no excuse for any rational person not to see it and admit it.   

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