Friday, November 4, 2016

HOLY IMMACULATE MOTHER OF GOD! I just realized something, and it kills. Ruby was not given prisoner clothes. His outfit does not meet the criteria of prisoner clothes. Such clothes were not given to Oswald. They were not given to any other prisoner that we know of. The idea that they dressed all prisoners at the Dallas City Jail in such clothes is preposterous. And look: someone pressed the top of the shirt over. The collar of a shirt doesn't just do that. It does not behave like that. It doesn't come like that. It isn't like that when you buy it at the store. It isn't like that when you take it out of the drier. Someone had to take an iron and press it over like that.

Why would they do that for a prisoner? They wouldn't. This was a costume that they rigged up specifically for Jack Ruby, but, they could not have rigged it up on the spot. They had to have rigged it up in advance; which means that they knew ahead of time they were going to need it. They knew ahead of time that Jack Ruby was going to be arrested that day because they arranged ahead of time to have this costume there all ready for him, his size, etc. THIS COSTUME IS PROOF THAT THE SHOOTING OF OSWALD BY JACK RUBY WAS PRE-PLANNED, WAS PRE-ARRANGED. 

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