Monday, August 11, 2014

A new hitman attacking Oswald in the doorway has appeared on the net: Matthew Scheufele. Actually, he was a guest poster on the website of Gayle Jackson, who is also new to me.

What are his arguments? First: that no witnesses cited seeing Oswald outside. But, Matthew: it wasn't allowed.  It wasn't permitted. If anyone had tried to say it, big tall men in dark suits, sunglasses, and with gruff voices would have visited that person and told him or her that they were mistaken, that they did not see Oswald outside, and they had better not say it again, publicly or privately, if their lives as they know them are of value to them. Get it? 

And the fact that it isn't in the Warren Report is a foregone conclusion. They were never going to put it in the Warren Report. So, what difference does it make that it wasn't there? Such a thing would have destroyed the Warren Report. It would have completely eviscerated it.  There is no way that they would have put it in, so stop being naive and stupid about it. That witness, or those witnesses, would have been passed over, which may have happened, therefore, it means nothing. It means absolutely nothing that the Warren Report lacks such a witness. 

Next, Scheufele quotes James Bookout. Well, Bookout was there when Oswald said he was "out with Bill Shelley in front" and yet, it's missing from Bookout's notes. So why didn't Bookout record it? Bookout was an FBI agent, so why would anyone who believes in Oswald innocence believe a word that guy said? You can be sure Bookout screened everything he said for dangerous truths. 

Then, Scheufele harps on the idea that Oswald changed his clothes, including his shirt, ignoring the fact that when first asked, Oswald said that he changed his "britches". At least, that's the word that Will Fritz wrote down. The line read: "home by bus changed britches". That was the very first reference to it. Why didn't Scheufele mention it if he is an honest person?

Aren't people entitled to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?  That when first asked, Oswald said he only changed his britches? Matt Scheufele is NOT an honest person. He is just another lying propagandist who is trying to cover-up the truth that Oswald was innocent and standing in the doorway when Kennedy got gunned down. 

Also, amazingly, after going on and on about how Oswald changed his shirt, Scheufele didn't even mention the fact that the Warren Commission determined that Oswald did NOT change it. Shouldn't he have at least mentioned that? Even though there were conflicting statements, apparently from Oswald, about what got changed, the WC determined that Oswald did NOT change his shirt. It's significant, isn't it? So, why didn't Scheufele mention it? They cited the bus transfer ticket found in Oswald's shirt pocket, and they also cited fibers on the rifle stock that were consistent with having come from his arrest shirt (although if you read the testimony of the forensic expert, he waffled about it and was unwilling to say for certain that it was true).  

But, it certainly is reasonable to think that Oswald would not have transferred that bus transfer ticket from one shirt to another because it was expired or about to expire and he wasn't going to ride the bus again anyway. Plus, with everything going on and everything he had to worry about, it is highly unlikely that the bus transfer ticket remained in his consciousness at all.

Plus, Mary Bledsoe identified his shirt on the bus as being the same as his arrest shirt. She identified the fact that it was unbuttoned and that the buttons were missing. And, she identified the fact that it had a hole in the right elbow. What is the chance that two shirts would be configured like that?   

Then, Scheufele wants to talk about Marrion Baker. Great! Here is the first thing Baker said about Oswald's clothes:

Mr. BELIN - Did you notice what clothes the man was wearing as he came up to you?
Mr. BAKER - At that particular time I was looking at his face, and it seemed to me like he had a light brown jacket on and maybe some kind of white-looking shirt.

That is entirely consistent with Oswald's arrest clothes. Baker referred to Oswald's shirt as a jacket, but about half the people did. It was, in fact, a hybrid between a shirt and a jacket. It was lightweight like a shirt but it had the lay of a jacket. 

 Can't you see how someone would call that a jacket? It's got the same kind of lapel as the jacket of the detective standing next to him. 

Then they showed Baker Commission Exhibit 150 which was this:

That doesn't even look like Oswald's shirt. Compare it to the one above. So, the fact that Baker waffled about it means nothing. Baker's original statement about a light brown jacket and a white shirt is completely consistent with Oswald's arrest clothes. 

Some of the bloodied have tried to claim that this shirt below is the one Oswald changed out of:

But, the Warren Commission never claimed that. The Warren Commission claimed that Oswald didn't change his shirt. So, they certainly didn't also claim that he did. That shirt was just found and listed without comment. Yet, the bloodied punks dream up the idea that that's the shirt Oswald wore to work. bpete pulled it straight from his ass and plopped it down. Why would Oswald change out of that shirt into one that was torn, tattered, and had its buttons missing practically to the bottom? Because it was cleaner?  I doubt that. And what gives bpete the right to assume that Oswald wore that shirt to work when the WC made no such assumption and insisted otherwise? It's their exhibit. 

So, why did Oswald, apparently, say at one point that he changed his shirt? I don't know. I honestly can't say. But, what I can say is that there is plenty of evidence that he didn't change it, and none is stronger than the fact that we can visually match his arrest shirt to the one that he wore in the doorway. The ONLY way Oswald could have changed his shirt is if he put on one exactly like it. 

That's the evidence that proves that Oswald did NOT change his shirt. Again, the only way it was possible is if the replacement shirt was exactly like the original one, and the odds against that are infinitesimal. Maybe in another universe but not this one. 

So, Matthew Scheufele failed, just like all those who came before him have failed. But, I think it's a good thing that he appeared, and I hope there are more like him. The more attention that is brought to Oswald in the doorway the better. It goes to show that we are making an impact and doing damage- a lot of damage- because what Scheufele wrote amounts to damage control. But, I'll continue to keep my eye on him and shoot down his stuff as it appears. He can't win. None of them can. And that's because Oswald really was in the doorway, and we can see him there.  

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