Wednesday, November 2, 2016

So, what is a set of underwear?

I mentioned that I rarely wear a t-shirt as an undergarment, and it's true. It's hot here in Texas, most of the year. I wear t-shirts all the time- as an outer garment. But, I don't mean a white t-shirt. I'm talking about the kind of t-shirt that's colored and designed to be an outer shirt. You know what I mean. You can easily spend $20 on one of these shirts.  It is NOT an undergarment. It is NOT underwear. It is outer wear. 

And the fact is that I don't usually wear socks either. For 9 months of the year, I wear sandals and no socks. That's because I like to keep my feet aired out. Why invite toenail fungus, athlete's foot etc.? Here it is early November, and I am still in sandals because we are having an usually warm fall so far. So, today, like most other days, the only underwear I wore was underpants. I'm pointing this out to demonstrate the inadequacy of referring to a set of underwear without specifying what you're talking about.

But still, that is what it says: 1 set underwear. So, what are we to surmise that it means?

Well, we know what a full set of men's underwear consists of: socks, underpants, and undershirt. So, if one speaks of a "set of underwear" without specifying, without explaining, without qualifying, then the implication, I believe, is that it refers to a full set. Therefore in this case, the implication is that minutes after "Ruby" fatally shot Oswald, that their concern was obtaining and replacing his underpants, t-shirt, and socks, so that he could be properly decked out in regulation Dallas City Jail underwear.   

Tell me though, do you think they provided boxers or briefs? Or did they have both and give the inmate his choice? 

So, let me get this straight: the Dallas City Jail kept an inventory of men's underwear in stock so that every time a guy got arrested that he could be decked in the proper underwear. And they did this immediately, before they took his mug shot.  So, they had a vast collection of socks in different sizes, and underpants in different styles and sizes, and also undershirts in different sizes. They kept all that stuff there, right there at the Dallas City Jail, and inmates were relieved of their own undergarments and given regulation undergarments, where all of it had to be invoiced, and presumably laundered and stored, and then returned to the inmate upon his release or transfer. Is that it?  

So, you really think that all of that was going on, huh? You really want to stand by the authenticity of this, do you? 

One set of underwear? You're standing by that, huh? That's your story, and you're sticking to it, eh? You think this is legit, do you? Honest Injun? 

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