Thursday, June 25, 2015

About an hour's drive south of Pyongyang, North Korea is the "Sinchon Museum of American War Atrocities".  It relates to the Korean War and alleged atrocities committed by American troops. 

They also claim that the Korean War, which killed many millions of people, was started by the US and South Korea and not by them, the North Koreans. 

That, of course, is polar-opposite to what we are taught, and I'm sure that most Americans consider it an outrageous, preposterous lie. 

But, I want you to know that there is a Political Science professor at UC Berkeley whose name is John Quigley who maintains that that is exactly what happened: that the US and its South Korean puppets started the Korean War.  

The name of Quigley's book is Ruses for War which I have read.

 It starts with the Korean War and devotes about 100 pages to it. And in it, Quigley makes a very convincing case that the US ordered South Korea to attack the North. It includes documents, testimonies, and also strategic maps which show battle plans and troop movements which prove that it was South Korea that crossed the border and initiated the attack on North Korea.  

In the US media, I am seeing ridicule of the statements coming out of Pyongyang, but I am not seeing any mention of Dr. Quigley's book. And he isn't North Korean; he is American. And, he is a prominent professor from a prominent American university. 

What does this have to do with the JFK assassination? Nothing directly. Except: both the invasion of North Korea and the JFK assassination arose from a virulent anti-communist ideology- the same virulent anti-communist ideology. And, both constitute major historical events whose histories have been completely corrupted and falsified, and continue to be corrupted and falsified, by political correctness and the power of officialdom. 

And no, I am not a fan of Kim Jong Un or any of his predecessors or any other strongarm dictator anywhere in the world, past or present. But, I know a lie when I see one, and in this case, about this particular thing, their side is telling the truth, and our side is lying. And I know that from reading Professor John Quigley's book, which I highly recommend.  


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