Thursday, June 25, 2015

Backes, your disordered, dysfunctional mind makes it up as you go, to keep yourself from rhetorically drowning, and you attribute things to me that I never said.

You said: the reason why JFK was taking the steroids was because he didn't have normal functioning adrenal glands. 

No. JFK was started on steroids not because of his adrenal glands. He was started on steroids because of his ulcerative colitis. 

You said: Dorothy does not give a reason why JFK would suddenly start taking steroids.

But again, I said he started taking steroids to suppress the destructive inflammation of his ulcerative colitis. 

You said: Dorothy believes that there was a healthy adrenal gland and JFK's inexplicable use of steroids adversely affected his adrenal glands which cause them to atrophy. 

But, JFK's Addison's disease was diagnosed in England in 1947 after he had been taking steroids for 10 years for colitis. The steroids definitely suppressed the function of his adrenal glands. However, in addition, he may have had a primary auto-immune disorder which was also attacking his adrenal glands. 

You also said that I said that JFK might have been born without adrenals. I never said that. I said that very rarely it happens, but I didn't say it happened to him. Were it true, he would have been in dire straits the moment he was born. So, there is no chance that he was born without adrenal glands, and I never said or implied such a thing.

And after all that you ask why then was he taking the steroids? I told you. He started taking them to treat his ulcerative colitis. And then he became dependent on them because his own adrenals atropied from the steroid use and possibly from a primary auto-immune process. 

And "fight or flight" is a longstanding medical phrase which I didn't invent. But, you're making fun of it now, speaking of JFK fighting his attackers or flying out of the limo? What, are you from the Mark O'Blazney School of Comedy? It isn't funny. 

You're stupid, Backes. Nothing you said makes sense. You're just a moron who argues for the sake of arguing. I'm actually embarrassed for you. You are so God-damn stupid. 

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