Thursday, June 18, 2015

Now, let's compare Joseph Backes' favorite Lovelady (on the left) with Gorilla Lovelady. And note that what you see on the left was taken directly from Backes' page. I did nothing to it, so whatever blurriness it has came with him. 

Are they the same man? And don't bother doing a point by point comparison. Don't break it down at all. I want you to answer the question by looking at it whole, looking at it intuitively- by virtue of your lifetime experience looking at human beings. Are these two the same human being or not? 

Yet, it's part of the official story that they are the same human being. It is absolutely crucial to the official story that they are the same human being. 

The JFK assassination exists within its own reality, like the Twilight Zone. Except in this case... "You unlock this door with the key of abomination. Beyond it is another dimension, commonly known as Hell. A dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, but a also a dimension of mindlessness. You are moving into a world of shadow and no substance, of phony things and insane ideas. You've just crossed over into the JFK Zone."

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