Friday, June 26, 2015

This is by OIC member Tom Rossley concerning the ABC shooting experiment in which they used an oversized target.

That is grossly too big compared to Kennedy.

 "WRONG!  The target was indeed enlarged and it is more obvious in the video clip of the tests.  The target was hand painted and they did NOT use the standard paper targets that are usually pinned up.  The expert shooters all had minutes to test fire a similar rifle to the MC, but they did NOT have rifles with the scope misaligned, and the bolt very sticky that forced you off your aim each time you reloaded, or a double-pull trigger." 

"Doesn't matter anyway, JFK was killed by a lead bullet or one that went to small fragments upon hitting the target.  The MC ammunition was FMJ and would have gone through without coming apart into hundreds of small bits, as shown by the X-ray." 

Thank you, Tom.

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