Friday, June 19, 2015

Backes doesn't address this:

Nor this:

 Nor this:

 Here I am using his and Unger's images, so he can't complain about the quality, and still no response. What's he got? If all he had was that I corrupted the image, and then I used Unger's image, what's he got left? Nothing. He's got absolutely nothing. So, he just rages on and on like a maniac, which he is. He doesn't care about the truth. He doesn't care about JFK or Oswald or anyone else. He so much wants to be a somebody in the world of JFK, but he is a nobody. This is all he's got: ragaholing against Ralph Cinque. It's all he known for. And he will never speak at a JFK conference again. 

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