Saturday, June 13, 2015

We should realize that the resemblance between Oswald and Doorman is actually stratospheric, and for this reason: because it involves two very separate and distinct things: the man and the clothing. 

There is no organic connection between a person and his or her clothing. By that I mean that you can put any clothes on any person. You can combine any kind of clothes with any kind of person. Now, you know that the world of people is vast, that it's practically infinite, the range of people. And really, it is infinite because if human life on Earth goes on indefinitely, then the genetic combinations that result from human mating are going to continue to produce unique human individuals, each with their own unique DNA, and it's never going to stop.  

And the world of clothing isn't as vast as that, but it's pretty vast. Even for men, the world of clothing, when it comes down to individual outfits, is almost limitless. 

So, when we look at the likelihood of two people looking like each other- physically and proportionately and in every way- and when we look at the likelihood of them being dressed the same at the same time, having on the same outfit, those are two different sets. And, I am using the word "set" in the mathematical sense. For two people to look strikingly alike without being related is extremely rare, and it's extremely rare because of the mathematics of genetics. 

But, for two people to look strikingly alike and also to be dressed strikingly alike (without having planned it) is stratospherically rare because there is no connection between the two. Bodies and clothes are two separate things. They are totally untethered from each other. 

Now look at this picture. I want you to notice how differently each person is dressed. Compare the men to the men, and the women to the women.

 This is typical. This is what you usually find. The world of clothes is a big humongous set. It's true of women's clothes, and it's true of men's clothes. It's not as big as the set of human beings, but it's pretty damn big. And that's why if you find two people who look very much alike and are also dressed very much alike at the same time, where it all happened spontaneously, you're talking about an extreme mathematical novelty. It's like winning the lottery.

The very idea that two men who looked that much alike, and wound up working at the same place, and who went to work one day, where, by chance, they happened to dress that much alike, including how they have the clothes arranged, the way in which they are wearing them, is mathematically staggering and astonishing. 

In a way, it's more staggering and astonishing than winning the lottery, and here's why: With the lottery, you've got a lot of people trying to win it. They're all buying tickets; tens of millions of them. And the more people that buy tickets, the greater is the chance that somebody will win. 

Obviously, the number of tickets sold increases the odds of someone winning. That's why people buy more than one ticket. Haven't you ever been in the convenience store when someone buys 10 lottery tickets? 

But, in this case, nobody was trying to do anything. Oswald and Lovelady didn't even look that much alike. Oswald was 5'9" 131 pounds, and Lovelady was 5'8" 170 pounds. And he may have been heavier than that because that was how much he weighed in February according to the FBI, and he could have lost weight by then. And let's face it: a person's size, their physicality, their dimensions, is the biggest thing to be captured in a photo. So why, considering the different proportions they had, should we assume that Oswald and Lovelady would appear to be the same size and shape in a photograph? 

And then when you add the match of the clothing, where supposedly by accident, Oswald and Lovelady woke up that morning and decked themselves out the exact same way...

it's just over the top. It's surreal. It's like something out of a dream. 

Those two above can't possibly be anything but the same guy. And, it is extremely delusional for anyone to think otherwise, to even entertain the idea. It is not of this world. It is not of the real world. It is just part of the sick, twisted, lying, manipulated world of a very corrupt culture. 


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