Monday, June 29, 2015

The issue of whether the Moorman photo was taken before or after the fatal head shot is, obviously, very important. It is a very close call, and I don't claim to know for sure. All I can do is compare the frames and look for subtle differences. It reminds me of those magazine puzzles where they have two nearly identical photos and ask you to identify the subtle differences. 

And when I do it, I find myself concluding that it was taken AFTER the fatal head shot. But, it is a tenuous conclusion at this point because I certainly wouldn't bet my life on it. But, if I had to say one or the other, before or after, I would say after, and here's why:

Start by looking at the Moorman photo. Notice that Jackie's head is not that close to JFK's. There is a gap between them. Notice also that her head is a little lower than his. He's a little higher than her. In Z-310, her head is a little higher than his, and it is also very close to his. But, after the fatal head shot, she moves downward and forward in relation to him. That's when the relative positions line up very well. So, I think Jackie's position in relation to JFK correlates better to Z-316, that it is a better match to Moorman. 

In other words, before the fatal head shot, she is very huddled up with him. But, after the fatal head shot, there is separation between them, and I am going by that separation.  

It's complicated by the fact that we're looking at them from opposite sides and different angles. And again, I don't claim certainty about this. But, after studying their precise positions in relation to each other, I have to say that I think that Z-316 is the better match to Moorman. Therefore, I'm saying that I think the conventional wisdom is correct that the Moorman photo was taken a tiny split-second AFTER the fatal headshot and not before. 

That's my considered opinion at this juncture, but again, I could be wrong. And if somebody pointed out something that I am overlooking, I could swiftly change my mind. But, that's where I am at right now.  

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