Sunday, June 14, 2015

It appears that James Norwood is dropping out, and if so, I can't say I blame him. What does he need it for? 

But, I am disappointed that he didn't come through with a validation of the 7 witnesses that he claimed. What makes it worse is that he is a professor. What if a student of his turned in a paper  which included a point of fact that James knew to be spurious? So, he goes to the student and says, "You stated xxx as a fact, but I don't believe it's true. I am quite sure it is not true. So, I want you to go back and check it."  

What if the student just ignores it? Is that going to be OK with Professor Norwood?

And note that 7 is a lot of people. You would think that if he were going to claim there were that many that he would have listed them at the time. It's like "showing your work" in Mathematics. 

But, he didn't do it. He just stated it categorically. But, where did he get the number 7 from? Did he actually start counting witnesses in his mind until he arrived at 7? I rather doubt that because if that were true, he would have rattled off the 7 as soon as I challenged him about it.

I've already stated that you can't include Lovelady because he was never asked directly who Doorman was or whether he was Doorman. He was just asked to draw an arrow to himself on the photo, and after he did, Ball never made an oral statement, such as, "Let the record show that Mr. Lovelady drew an arrow to the Caucasian man standing next to the white column, the same man to which Mr. Frazier drew his arrow."

Another way that Ball identified Doorman to others was to describe him as the only white male face that can be seen in the doorway, and that is true. 

So, Ball could have made such a statement, but he didn't. Therefore, it cannot be assumed that Lovelady ID'd Doorman as himself. 

The fact that Billy drew an arrow to another figure to indicate himself makes it even worse...

but even if we didn't have that, it would be still be inappropriate, on the basis of what was said, to conclude that Lovelady ID'd Doorman as himself.

And Bill Shelley was not asked about it, so he's out too.

So, that leaves Frazier and Arce as the two main people who ID'd Doorman as Lovelady. There was also a woman named Virginia Rackley, who had become Mrs. Donald Baker.  They got her to say "that looks like Billy" in reference to Doorman. But, this is the picture they showed her:

I don't know how big the photo was, but if that's the rotten clarity it had, how could she say it looked like Billy? Based on what? What looked like Billy? You can't make out the face. And the clothes? You mean to say that Virginia remembered that Billy was dressed like that on 11/22/63? I find that hard to believe. 

So, Mrs. Baker constitutes a very dubious witness in my opinion. But nevertheless, mathematically, she counts as a witness for Lovelady. 

So, that's 3. 

Now, was there anyone else who was specifically shown the Altgens photo, with attention drawn to Doorman, and asked who he was? 

I can't think of anyone else. But, if someone else knows of another and provides the testimony of that person, and it checks out, I'll count it. I'll add it to the roster- and without the slightest resistance.  

But, the chances of getting to 7 are nil. That just ain't going to happen.

Before leaving, you should have followed through on this, James- for the sake of truth, justice, and the American way. It was your statement. You made it. You owned it. And you still own it. The way you get out from the onus of a mistake is to admit it and disown it.  



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