Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Backes, whether it's a frame from a movie or a still photo doesn't matter. And, it's especially true in this case because he's not moving. Why would anyone stand like this for a movie?

But, if it is a frame from a movie, so be it. I don't give a shit, Backes. What, you think it's some kind of victory for you? Basking in the glow are you?  Pathetic fool. 

But getting back to this brighter version of it:

It makes me realize that they doctored the other one tremendously, taking out the sign on the glass behind him, and adding shadow fraudulently.

What manipulative bastards. 

And notice that the one on the right, though darkened by shadow is actually clearer and sharper overall. The one on the left, which Backes provided, is blurry. So, it appears that they obfuscated one with shadow and obfuscated the other with blur: anything to prevent us from getting a good look at Lovelady. Oh, the humanity!

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