Wednesday, June 17, 2015

There is so much wrong with this image, it's chilling. You see the shadow on his face? It's fake. He was standing in the bright sunlight, and there was no shadow. The shadow was added to obscure him. You notice how his right shoulder is completely blackened out where you can't see it? Fake. It was plain as day. You see the inky blackness behind him too? Fake as well. There was a sign on the wall behind him that was perfectly visible, and you could see the vertical molding of the glass door. All blackened out. 

You see his location next to the west column? Wrong. That's not where he was on 11/22/63. Why'd they put him there? It's because in the Altgens photo, Doorman appears to be next to the west column.  But, that was due to the angular effect of Altgens' position, from way down Elm Street. Apparently, a lot of people didn't realize that. The FBI and Warren Commission henchman Joseph Ball referred to Doorman's position as being next to the column, not realizing that it was only an apparent position. 

But, Lovelady was there on 11/22/63. He knew where he was standing.  Are you going to tell me he forgot? 

Continuing, you see the cameraman in the picture, right? So this was a picture of a man taking a picture of Lovelady. Strange. Also, this wasn't a still photograph; it was a film. Why would Lovelady stand so stiff and motionless for a film? He does NOT look relaxed. He looks like he's standing at attention in the military.

And why isn't he looking at the camera? He's not looking at the camera of the man in front of him, and he's not looking at the camera of the other guy either.  Do you know what this reminds me of? It reminds me of a prisoner of war movie, where the prisoner never makes eye contact with his captors. He never engages. He is there under duress. What this tells me is that Lovelady was detached; mentally detached; just going through the motions. He was there under protest. He didn't want to be there. He was not a happy camper.  

We're all seen interviews of assassination witnesses, such as Amos Euins and Tina Towner. They strike me as being involved, attentive, mentally present, and entirely willing to be there. But not Lovelady. 

So, it makes me wonder. This was for the 1967 CBS Special on JFK. So, did they try to interview Lovelady? And why wouldn't they? 

Look: you had a guy in a picture who was either one guy or another guy, but only one of them was still alive. How do you not talk to the one surviving guy? 

But, if they talked to Lovelady, they must have quickly found out that he was nobody to talk to. He wasn't any good at this. He was nervous. He was a terrible actor. And he sounded like he was lying. And that's why 9 years later, the HSCA didn't even consider dragging him to Washington to testify. They dragged hundreds of other people there, but they didn't drag Billy Lovelady. But again: how do you not talk to the one surviving guy? 

You notice that he seems to have facial hair. Did he? I don't know. It seems rather strange to me that he would just show up to be on national television with facial hair, that it was just a phase he was going through in which he was wearing a beard. Did they think that the guy in the Altgens photo had a beard? No, they couldn't have thought that because you can clearly see in the mustache area and on his chin that he was clean-shaven. But, if Lovelady had a beard, they must have wanted him to have it, perhaps just to obscure his face. And who knows, maybe it's completely artificial; something they created afterwards, which would have been very easy to do.

But, getting back to the idea of whether they interviewed him or not, I know for a fact that they did. That's because in his Six Seconds book, Tink Thompson said that CBS told him that they interviewed Lovelady, who told them that he was, indeed, the Doorway Man, etc. But, why didn't Tink go to Dallas and interview Lovelady himself? Wasn't it important enough? Why rely on hearsay? And why didn't CBS televise their interview of Lovelady? How come nobody but nobody wanted to get Lovelady talking in front of a camera? Not Tink, not CBS, not the HSCA. Again: it was because he was a disastrous witness who could not carry the story. He must have broadcast a mile wide that it was all bull shit.

In fact, CBS not only did not televise the interview of him, they wound up trashing the whole segment. Just forget it. It wasn't going to sell in Peoria, and it wasn't going to sell anywhere. 

So, what is this picture?

It is the picture of a lie. A damnable, bloodied, evil lie. Everything about it is wrong. Everything about it is designed to mislead, including the plaid shirt, which Lovelady did not wear on 11/22/63. CBS was obstructing justice. They were, and are, an accessory after the fact in the murder of John F. Kennedy. 

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