Monday, June 22, 2015

Tim Brennan:

LOL! You know you're on a LOSER of a JFK-CT theory when even an ARCH conspiracist like Robert Groden DOESN'T support you, Cinque. Too bad you were such a NEWB that you chose an already SERIALLY debunked (by BOTH sides) theory to stake your JFK assassination researcher cred upon. 

Ralph Cinque:

Brennan, Robert Groden may be your idea of an "arch conspiracist," but I consider him to be a traitor to the JFK truth movement. The worst thing he did was sell out to the HSCA over Oswald in the doorway. Groden was supposed to do photographic comparisons of Doorman, Oswald, and Lovelady except that he left out Oswald completely. Not once did he put a picture of Oswald in his shirt side by side with Doorman in his. In fact, he included no images of Oswald at all. None. It is an outrage. And why didn't it occur to Groden that he needed to take Lovelady to Dealey Plaza and photograph him in the doorway from Altgens position? He could have done it. I was able to do it (using a surrogate for Lovelady) in 2012, so Groden could have done it in 1976. No one would have stopped him. He could have blown the case wide open. And even if the HSCA refused to publish the results, so what? He could have taken it to the press. He could have written a book. He could have gone on talk radio. Instead, he sold out and gave the HSCA exactly what they wanted. It was just another farce like the Warren Commission investigation. 

Brennan, it has reached the point of insanity to deny that Oswald was in the doorway. THE GUY LOOKS LIKE OSWALD, AND HE IS WEARING OSWALD'S CLOTHES! 

That means he was Oswald. Denying it is not feasible; it is not credible; it is effectively impossible. Reality is what it is, and lip-flapping can't change it. You can't talk your way around it. Oswald was standing in the doorway during the shooting of JFK. Denying it is like shoveling sand to stop the tide from coming in. It's coming in- whether you like it or not.  

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