Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"And if you don't really have a functional adrenal gland, or you don't have an adrenal gland at all, which was the case with JFK, then you don't have anything capable of producing cortisol, or aldosterone, or catecholamines." Joseph Backes

There are two of them, Backes: two adrenal glands. JFK's Addison's disease was diagnosed in 1947, but by then he had already been taking steroids heavily for 10 years. There is controversy about whether his Addison's disease was due to the suppressive effect of all the steroids (which would be secondary Addison's) or a primary auto-immune disorder.  

Dr. Zebra (alias): "Kennedy was diagnosed with underactive adrenal glands in 1947." 

So, he had adrenal glands, but they were underactive.

Many people assume that JFK's severe back problems were all the result of his WW2 naval traumas: not true. His back problems began in 1938, and may have been triggered by his steroid treatment for colitis. 

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