Sunday, June 28, 2015 

What Hosty and Bookhout said blows your story right out of the water, 
since Oswald said he was "out front with Bill Shelley" AFTER the TSBD was 
being searched, Cinque, ie AFTER Kennedy had been shot. 

Once again, you simply DON'T know what you're talking about, Ralph. 

Ralph Cinque:

I don't know what I'm talking about? But, I'm not the one saying that Oswald stood around outside in front of the building chewing the fat with Bill Shelley FOR FIVE OR TEN MINUTES after the assassination. That is so impossibly impossible it's laughable. 

Bill Shelley left the front of the building immediately with Billy Lovelady. They were part of the throng of people who rushed into the railway area behind the Grassy Knoll looking for the killers. It was chaotic and loud, and Lovelady reported it as such. That was immediate, and afterwards, they went around to the back and reentered through the back door and were inside for a long time, therefore, Bill Shelley could not possibly have been out in front at the time Oswald left the building at 12:33 to 12:34. Shelley was definitely not there then.   

What Hosty and Bookhout said amounted to a reshuffling of the order of the things that Oswald said. They even had Oswald eating lunch AFTER the assassination, which is ridiculous.  

So, let's see: according to them, he eats his lunch after the assassination, and that takes 10 minutes. Then, he chews the fat with Shelley in front, which takes 10 minutes. By the time he heads for home, it's 12: 54, And yet somehow he still manages to get home by 1:00? There wasn't nearly enough time there to do all that. Plus, it's insane to suggest anyway because the facts are clear: Oswald ate lunch in the Domino Room BEFORE the assassination, and even Vincent Bugliosi said so. Bugliosi has him getting there shortly after noon and finishing his lunch by 12:15. That, of course, left 15 minutes for Oswald to get up to the 6th floor, assemble the rifle, set up the Sniper's Nest, etc. That part is all BS, but the part about Oswald eating lunch before the assassination in the Domino room is absolutely correct.

There is NO CHANCE that Oswald ate lunch afterwards, and today, NOBODY takes that claim by Hosty and Bookhout seriously- except misinformed miscreants like yourself.   

What wicked irony that Hosty and Bookhout had Oswald eating lunch AFTER the assassination; while Will Fritz had Oswald eating lunch DURING the assassination, with "other employees" no less; while the truth was that Oswald ate lunch, by himself as he always did, in the Domino room BEFORE the assassination. It's an indisputable fact, Brennan. 

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