Sunday, June 14, 2015

So, Hondo changed his icon to something a little less offensive to Oswald defenders (him not wanting to hurt their feelings and all). But, it's still offensive. 

It's obviously sarcasm, and when a person is being sarcastic, he means the opposite of what he says. So, when you say "try again" with sarcasm, what you mean is that you could try forever, but you're never going to do it. And in this case, it refers to proving that Oswald was innocent. So, it's mocking the whole idea. 

So again, why would a real Oswald defender cotton to this? He wouldn't. But, what makes it funny is how ridiculous the image is, referring to the fusion between Doorman and Black Tie Man. Neither one is whole. It's like they're conjoined twins. 

Of course, the sweet, lovely, heartrending girls on the right are really conjoined twins. The men on the left are not, but they seem to be.  

That is supposed to be the interface, the junction, the side-by-side between two separate people. So, supposedly, you've got one person on the left, and another person on the right. 

But, it is physically, anatomically, and photographically impossible. 

Some have tried to argue that they weren't even next to each other, that they were actually quite separated in the doorway, with substantial distance between them. In that case, how could they possibly look like this?

That claim doesn't help the credibility; it only makes it worse. We have all been looking at photographs our whole lives, particularly of people standing close together because that's what people do for photographs. But, when have we ever seen a picture like this before, with a result like this?

It's really an insult to your intelligence that anyone would expect you to accept this as a real, untouched photograph. Instead of saying "try again OIC" Hondo should have said "try again alterers". Because, that is definitely an altered image, a contrived image, a false and phony image. And there is not another one like it in the whole wide world. Start looking at people standing close together. And if you would rather look at people not so close together, as alleged here, do that. Look at people however and whichever way you want.  You will never find anything like what we see in the Altgens photo. For instance: 

Here, we have a group of people standing closely together, and everything about it works. It makes sense. Some people, those in back, are partially covered up by those in front. But, no one in back is covering up any part of anyone in front. And every visual junction between two people looks appropriate for what it is, what it represents, and what we know it to be. But, now look at this again:

 That does not work, and you can't talk it into working. You can't lipflap an excuse for it. Anything you come up with is just going to be like "the dog ate my homework." 

This one is very straight-forward. You've got a guy in front, then two people behind him, and then two people behind them. Since the guy in front is in front, he isn't covered up at all, and we see him completely in the frontal view. The two people behind him are both being partially cut off by him, and the two people behind them are both being partially cut off by them. Someone in front can cut off someone in back, but someone in back cannot cut off someone in front. But, what about this?

It doesn't make sense. It doesn't work. It is an impossible human-to-human interface. And, it is non-reproducible. It is non-reproducible in the doorway, and it is non-reproducible everywhere else.

So, my retort to Hondo's ridiculous icon is this one, which makes a lot more sense: 

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