Saturday, June 20, 2015

These two modern men look alike. One is making a funny face, but just ignore that. And obviously, he has less hair; but ignore that too. But otherwise, there is some likeness between them. The eyes are similar, and so is the shape of the face. They are definitely different men, but if you told me they were brothers, I'd believe you. They look leaps and bounds more alike than these other two from the world of JFK.  There is no comparison. 

To even suggest that the JFK pair could be the same man is straight out of the Bizarro World. They don't look remotely alike. The top two are definitely different men, but they look like they could be related.  But, how could the bottom two be the same man?  In any other context except the JFK assassination, would anyone in his right mind even consider the idea of them being the same man? Would anyone even go there mentally for even a nanosecond? 

Question: How is it that the JFK assassination twists people's minds, making them think that things are possible that are completely, totally, and utterly impossible? How did the JFK assassination become another world, another dimension, another reality, with its own rules, its own laws, and its own set of probabilities? Why is November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas considered to be different from every other day before or since?  

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