Saturday, June 13, 2015

It's helpful that there are vast databases of veterans where you can look people up. Say you put in a name, for instance, Jonn Lilyea.

And the great thing is that if you put in part of a name, say "Pete" it will pull up all the names that begin with those four letters. And likewise, you can put in the intial "B" for the first name, and it will do likewise. And I was pleasantly surprised that it anticipated the possibility of B as a nickname say for Robert or William. 

So, you wind up with a very concise but comprehensive list. And with the years of service given, it helps a lot too if you happen to know when the person was born, say around 1961. 

And imagine how useful this could be to law enforcement if they were looking for a criminal veteran. Yes, indeed, veterans commit crimes. Wasn't Timothy McVeigh a veteran? 

Indeed, it is very comprehensive. They've got vets from everywhere. From all the states. From Alaska to Florida. 

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