Friday, June 26, 2015

I can't imagine that Hosty and Bookhout would say that Oswald said he rode a bus if he, in fact, told them something else. I can't imagine that they would expect to get away with that lie. And I can't imagine that they would take such a chance.

Just imagine the interrogation. Fritz asks Oswald how he got home from Dealey Plaza. Oswald has no reason to lie about it. When you are accused of killing the President of the United States, and you know you're innocent, you don't start telling lies about how you got home.  

Fritz: How'd you get home?

(So, we'll assume he didn't say he took the bus.)

Oswald: A friend picked me up.

Fritz: A friend? What friend?

Oswald: His name is xxxx.

Fritz: Who is he?

Oswald: He's a friend of mine. I know him from yyyy.

Fritz: Well, when did you arrange this ride? If you didn't kill Kennedy, and you didn't know anything about it, as you claim, then you had no expectation of leaving work at 12:35.

Oswald: Right, well, So-and-so told me that xxxx would be coming to get me, and that's how I knew.

Fritz: Well, we are going to have to talk to So-and-so, and we're also going to have to talk to xxxx.

Alright, so something like that presumably happened, but Hosty and Bookhout decided to lie and say that Oswald said he took the bus.

How could they possibly expect that to work? Wouldn't So-and-so and xxxx have to be dealt with? Wouldn't their stories eventually come out? Wasn't Oswald likely to repeat the account again and to others? And even if they had the idea that Oswald was going to be killed soon, how soon? And what if he didn't die? How many times did the CIA try to kill Castro? And while you're thinking about it, remember that Fidel Castro is still alive in 2015.

So, after hearing Oswald say that he left Dealey Plaza in a private car, how could they possibly have the nerve to lie and say he said he rode the bus?

The blowing up of a lie like that would have been enough to torpedo the whole effort to frame Oswald. It would have sunk everything. Why would Hosty and Bookhout take it on themselves to put their names, their signatures, to this wild lie? I say they never would have done it in a million years. 

They said that Oswald said that he rode the bus. And that can only mean one thing: Oswald said he rode the bus. 

Therefore, anyone who wants to continue with this crazy idea that the bus and cab rides were faked had better start by explaining why Oswald lied and said he rode the bus if he didn't.      

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