Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Yes, they are the same man." That's what Joseph Backes said in response to this collage. And, he speaks for everyone who defends the official story of the JFK assassination. He might as well be John McAdams or David Von Pein. It's the exact same mentality. 

And, here's the way the mentality works. a) You start with what you want to believe, as an absolute, as something that is sacrosanct. b) You then work backwards and find a way to justify it. c) If necessary, you make technobabble arguments, such as, the images are too blurry; they were ruined from copying or from transferring from one medium to another. d) If all else fails, make irrelevant arguments also of a general nature. e) Always throw in some personal attacks. 

So, what did Backes say? He accused me of deliberately using a stretched, widened image of Gorilla Man. I did no such thing.

Here is a link to Robin Unger's site which features a frame of Gorilla Man. 

Now, here's the frame.

So, that is Robin Unger's frame, whom Backes approves of. Now, I'll crop it.

So, above we have Joseph Backes' image on the left and Robin Unger's image on the right. So, I presume everyone is happy. 

So, is it the same guy? And notice that I didn't ask whether according to the official story they are the same guy. I want to know based on looking at the collage whether they are the same guy. 

Look at the shapes of the heads. Look at the length and direction of the necks. Use all your intuitive skills, having studied people your whole life, whether they are the same human being. 

One thing is for sure: all this ranting below by Backes is completely irrelevant because it's his image and Robin Unger's image which are being compared:

"Only the total jackass, Ralph Cinque, discredited moron and a rather silly little cypher bulling toad would have the gaul to still be using the image he calls "Gorilla Lovely" at all, or to use it to compare to anything. There is no such thing as "Gorilla Lovelady." "Gorilla Lovely" is a fiction, created by the lying moron Ralph Cinque, who deliberately stole the image from ertGaming's video on the DCA film when the video goes from US standard to a widescreen format without adjusting the aspect ratio. Ralph Cinque is a total idiot who thought no one would ever figure out how he created this image. Yet he want to continue to use it, and he will always use it because to him he doesn't think he's doing anything wrong. Only he would ask anyone to forget about any technical information you may already know or would want to know about photography or scanning, or anything about how these images came to be. He wants you to be as ignorant as he is, then and only then, could you ever believe anything he says."

So, all of that has been completely quashed, and what we're left with his Backes' and Unger's collage. Based on looking at the collage and comparing the men, and nothing else, are they the same man or not?

The rest of what he wrote is pure blather. See for yourself:

"You see, this is the anti-intellectual crap that has found a home in some parts of this country, some Right-wing morons, some idiots, think they don't need to have any education, they don't need to have any knowledge or skills, you just declare yourself to be a doctor and sell snake piss over the internet.
Not only do they not need any education, but by not having one they fell they are superior to those that do. This is the mentality of Ralph Cinque.  Ralph Cinque and his really nonexistent OIC are in the IDIOT zone, and just like Buda, Texas, there's really no reason to go there."

Basically, he had only one criticism: that he didn't like the image of Gorilla Man that I used. So, I used one from his friend, Robin Unger.

So again, I ask all the sane people of the world, based on how they look, are these the same man or not?


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