Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Backes, you ARE completely out of your mind. 

JFK did not have an adrenalectomy, and he was not born without adrenal glands. His Addison's disease was not diagnosed until the 1940s, so until then, he was dependent on his own hormones. One can't live without those hormones. Human life isn't possible without them.  He definitely had adrenal glands, and nobody ever said he didn't (except you). 

Where did you get that idea from? Richard E. Sprague? But, more important, how could you be so ignorant and so stupid as to believe it?

"And if you don't really have a functional adrenal gland, or you don't have an adrenal gland at all, which was the case with JFK, then you don't have anything capable of producing cortisol, or aldosterone, or catecholamines." Joseph Backes

"Both parts of the adrenal glands--the adrenal cortex and the adrenal medulla--perform distinct separate functions." Johns Hopkins

"Each adrenal consists of two functionally distinct endocrine glands: the cortex, derived from mesenchymal cells, and the medulla, derived from neuroectodermal cells." Cleveland Clinic. 

This study looked at catecholamine production in Addison's disease patients and found lower levels of adrenaline (in males, about half the level of controls) but not of noradrenaline, which resulted in an elevation of the noradrenaline/adrenaline ratio in these patients. 


These were measurements taken under basal conditions, and obviously when JFK was shot in the back and throat, it was not a basal condition. Plus, he was taking such high amounts of cortisone and testosterone, it is ridiculous to assume that he made no adrenaline and was incapable of an adrenaline response. 

Above, JFK is exhibiting massive contraction of his neck and shoulder muscles, and I dare say there was some adrenaline flowing in his system. 

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