Wednesday, June 24, 2015

This is a pretty wild statement by ABC, wild for how glib it is. 

10. Kennedy had been the target of at least four assassination attempts before Dallas, one barely a month after he was elected president, when a retired postal worker, his car loaded with dynamite, followed the president-elect from Hyannis Port to Georgetown to Palm Beach. "Brother, they could have gotten me in Palm Beach. There is no way to keep anyone from killing me," Kennedy told a Secret Service agent shortly after the suspect was apprehended, recounted Thurston Clarke in "JFK's Last Hundred Days." Two more assassination plots -- one in Chicago, one in Tampa, Fla. -- were uncovered in the weeks before Nov. 22, 1963.

Two more, as if Presidential assassination attempts are exceedingly common. I don't think there have been any against Obama, at least nothing concrete. Someone threw a grenade at George W. Bush in Tbilisi, Georgia which didn't go off.  There were reportedly some attempts against Clinton, but I don't know how concrete any of them were, which is to say I don't know whether to believe them. Have there been any concrete attempts since Ronald Reagan? 

And who really was behind Reagan's? The deranged shooter just happened to be the son of a very close friend and associate of George HW Bush. I would never say that John Hinkely was a "lone nut" like Lee Harvey Oswald because Lee Harvey Oswald was not a nut, but I might be tempted to compare John Hinkely to Sirhan Sirhan or Mark David Chapman.

There was a prolific libertarian writer who was also a professor at the University of Nevada named Murray Rothbard, and he was convinced that every Presidential assassination and even some Presidential deaths in office reported as natural were really inside jobs of the Establishment, starting with Lincoln. Here's his article:

But, getting back to the glib references to numerous attempts against JFK, as though it was par for the course, the irony is that JFK was, by far, our most popular President. His average approval rating was 70.1% which is the highest by far.

Anyone who thinks the Chicago and Tampa plots against JFK were unrelated to the Dallas plot is being very obtuse. 

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