Tuesday, June 16, 2015

So, we've got these images of Lovelady which are all the same image, differently processed. The one on the left was deliberately obscured with shadow. The one in the middle was deliberately obscured with blur. And hey, it's the same image! So, don't argue you about it. And the one on the right is the best by far because it wasn't shadowed or blurred. However, if you look closely, you'll see that there's distortion over his chin. There is a weird pattern disrupting it. 

There is definitely an interruption there in the area of his chin and beneath his chin. 

Did he really have facial hair? Maybe, but who knows? After they did shit like this, how can you be sure?

Compare these three:

How come there are triangular shirt sprawls left and center but a weird rectangular-shaped shirt sprawl on the right? On the left, the secured button is located way too far over. What's holding it on? It is not lined up with the unsecured button above it. And speaking of that button, the center Lovelady doesn't have one. How could Lovelady's shirt acquire a button in 1971 that it didn't have in 1967? Quite the seamstress that Patricia was, eh? 

This whole thing about Lovelady and his shirt and the pictures of him is strewn with evil. It's all just theater. Macabre theater, as they helplessly and hopelessly try to sell their wicked story about Lovelady, which they have been trying to do for over half a century. Lovelady had no peace in his life, and he has found no peace in the grave either.  

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