Thursday, June 25, 2015

The image on the right shows why they had to stick that Black Tie Man in there on the left. You can see that he is impossibly close to Doorman. Their juxtaposition is not possible- physically or photographically. 

We keep calling Oswald's garment a shirt, but was it really a shirt or a light jacket? Do you see how it is folded over there on the right? Do you see how it looks like it had a long lapel like a jacket? Shirts don't behave like that, and Lovelady's certainly didn't. 

That distinctive look of the collar and the lapel is what would have shown on Doorman if they hadn't stuck Black Tie Man in there. Then how were they going to claim that he was Lovelady? If you compare each element, starting with the right collars, then the sunken t-shirt, and then the long lapel on the left side (our right), you realize that it is the exact same outfit. 

So, who could be wearing Oswald's clothes except Oswald? It can't not be him, and they went to extraordinary lengths to hide it. And think about what's involved in trying to deny it: that Oswald and Lovelady just happened to wear the exact same get-up that day, with the same folds, creases, and nuances. It is preposterous. That is the same guy wearing the same clothes, and only a stark defiance of reality can deny it.  

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