Tuesday, June 30, 2015

To us, it seems monstrous what they did to Kennedy, but did the men who ordered it and directed it think of themselves as monsters? I doubt it. 

Do you think Allen Dulles suffered any guilt about killing Kennedy? Do you think John McCloy did? How about Poppy Bush? You think any of them ever lost a night's sleep over it?

I don't think it troubled them at all. I think they felt completely justified. I think they looked it as the execution of a traitor. Doesn't the US Constitution allow the death penalty for treason? To them, JFK capitulated to Castro and the Soviets, and he was a traitor to the United States- in their eyes. They had no qualms whatsoever about killing him. 

But, what about Oswald? They framed Oswald for killing Kennedy, and then they killed him. What did Oswald do to deserve such a thing? What crime had he committed? And I mean: ever. 

And let nobody say that "they" didn't kill Oswald, that Jack Ruby did. Nonsense. The morning of the 24th, I don't know how many times it was repeated on the radio that Dallas Police were concerned that there may be an attack on Oswald. Well, if they were concerned, why did they do what they did? If they had to move Oswald to a different jail, why didn't they do it in the dark of night and without announcing anything beforehand? They could have announced it afterwards that they had done it, moved him. Why did they have to turn his transfer from one jail to another into a media event?  

Oswald was innocent of killing Kennedy, and he was innocent, period. What possible justification could they have had- in their minds- for killing him?

Bush had a family, and he was always family-oriented. Even as a boy, he was very close to his parents, especially his mother, and to his entire birth family. Barbara was essentially his high school sweetheart, and when they started having kids, he was devoted to all of them. They went through the agony of watching a daughter die of leukemia, despite the best that Medicine could offer. It's easy to value the life of someone you know and love, but if you're smart, you realize that even strangers (to you) have people who know and love them. So, that makes every human life precious.

So, how did George HW Bush, a family man, feel about the slaughter of Lee Harvey Oswald, who also had a family? Why was Oswald's family less important than Bush's family? 

Of course, John F. Kennedy also had a family. But again, they justified killing him on the basis of treason. Bush fought in World War II. He killed enemies of the United States- whether they had families or not. That's how it is in war. 

But, this wasn't a war. This was a coup. And summarily killing Oswald was as vicious, as cold-blooded, and as dastardly as any killing ever was. So, how did they justify it? How did they sleep at night? How did they look themselves in the mirror and not see a monster? I honestly don't know.   

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