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This FBI report of an interview with Oswald places him INSIDE the TSBD at
the time JFK passed the building:

So it looks like even Oswald doesn't support Ralph Cinque and his Doorman


Tim Brennan 

Ralph Cinque:

Not true. This refers to the Hosty/Bookhout statement in which they said that Oswald said he was on the first floor when the motorcade passed. Their exact wording was that Oswald said he was "on the first floor" when the President was shot. They never used the word "inside". Brennan did; they didn't. Brennan even put it in caps, as if they said it, the bastard. The landing of the doorway was on the first floor. 

And why cite a statement by Hosty and Bookhout as if it's Gospel. HOSTY AND BOOKHOUT??????? They were FBI agents.  And they were both present when Oswald said that he was "out with Bill Shelley in front." They heard him say it, just as Will Fritz heard him say it and wrote it down.

So, why didn't they report it? Because the dye was already cast, and it would have completely decimated the story that the FBI was trying to
tell. So, Hosty and Bookhout simply left it out.

But, what they said is still valuable because it lays out what happens where we can re-establish Oswald's doorway interlude, and the time line all works.

First, Hosty and Bookhout admitted that Oswald said, when asked, that he did NOT own a rifle. I hope you realize that that statement comprises a
categorical denial of the whole official story.

Second, Hosty and Bookhout admitted that Oswald denied ever being in Mexico except for one visit to Tijuana, which was almost certainly when he
was in the Marines stationed in Southern California.

Third, Hosty and Bookhout said that Oswald admitted going to lunch at Noon and that he ate in the first floor lunch room. The implication of that is
that not too much past Noon, he arrived at the first floor lunch room to begin eating his lunch. So, how long does it take to eat a cheese sandwich and an apple?

Fourth, Hosty and Bookhout then stated that Oswald said he went to the 2nd floor lunch room to get a Coke, and there are two implications involved in the statement: the first being that he went directly from the 1st floor lunch room to the 2nd floor lunch room. But, for multiple reasons, that does not follow from the evidence. We know that Oswald took the front stairs at the southeast corner of the building, and if he had gone directly from the first floor lunch room to the second floor lunch room, he most surely would have used the rear stairs in the northwest corner. That can easily be discerned by looking at a schematic of the two floors. We know that Oswald did not arrive at the 2nd floor lunch room until Baker did. They reached it at the same time from different sides: Baker was in the stairwell of the
northwest stairs when he saw Oswald, and Oswald was entering the vestibule from the other side, which means he used the southeast stairs. It means that Oswald did not get to the lunch room until approximately `12:31.5, and it is unfounded to claim he was in the 1st floor lunch room before that. Oswald placed himself in the 1st floor lunch room in keeping with Jarman and Norman being there, which was well before the assassination.
Considering how little he had to eat, it is unreasonable to think that having arrived there shortly after Noon that he would still be there at
12:30.  It makes much more sense for Oswald to have eaten his lunch there, and then walked to the doorway (where he was seen there between the double doors at 12:25 by Carolyn Arnold), stepped outside and watched the motorcade, and then left immediately for the 2nd floor lunch room after
being instructed to do so. The fact that Fritz wrote down "out with Bill Shelley in front", and Hosty and Bookhout didn't mention it suggests that they realized the importance that this admission by Oswald had and how damaging it was to the official story.

Fifth: Hosty and Bookhout claimed that "Oswald claimed to be on the first floor when President Kennedy passed the building."

What???? THE DOORWAY IS ON THE FIRST FLOOR! That is where on the first floor that he was. He was just a couple feet out the front door in the
foyer. It was on the first floor, and that is what he meant. It must have been what he meant because he could not possibly have still been eating lunch in
the lunch room at 12:30.

Sixth: Hosty and Bookhout said that Oswald said that he went home by bus.
And that is true. That is what Oswald said. He didn't say anything about also having taken a cab until the next morning. Therefore, the people who say that Oswald did not ride the bus are calling Oswald a liar. He said he did, and there is no doubt about that.

Seven: Hosty and Bookhout said that Oswald admitting to fighting with Dallas police in the theater, but I have to wonder what Oswald's exact words were. Neither he nor they said anything about him having pulled the trigger at a policeman in the theater, which is a despicable lie. Then, Hosty and Bookhout admitted that Oswald FRANTICALLY denied killing the President and Tippit. Frantically. That's the word they used. Frantically.

So, the bottom line is that you've got nothing, Brennan. Hosty and Bookhout carefully avoided repeating what Oswald said about being "out
with Bill Shelley in front" which they must have heard as readily as Fritz did. So, they rephrased it and converted it to him saying that he was on the first floor. But, no one would pick a whole floor as their location, and especially not in establishing an alibi in a case like this.  

But, everything else they said conforms perfectly with Oswald having gone to the first floor lunch room shortly after 12 to eat, eaten his lunch there and seen Jarman and Norman, and then gone to the doorway and watched the motorcade, and then taken the southeast stairs next to the doorway up to the 2nd floor and made his way to the lunch room, which he reached at the same time that Marrion Baker did using the other stairs. Your
inference that even Oswald said he wasn't Doorman is a terrible lie.
Furthermore, neither the Dallas Police nor the FBI dared bring up the Altgens photo with Oswald for fear of what he would say.

What do you think Oswald would have said? That the Man in the Doorway was Lovelady? That's a joke, a very sick joke. .

And by the way, Brennan: I'm making you famous.   

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