Sunday, June 21, 2015

It is amazing how far we've come. Look how many JFKers are talking about Oswald in the doorway. Even to deny it, they have to talk about it. 

There are some people who think the driver shot JFK. But, they're the only ones who talk about it. Nobody talks about them talking about it. Nobody starts any hate sites to put them down. Why bother? Those who think it is a ridiculous idea just ignore it, figuring that it isn't even worth discussing. 

I know of a guy who champions that Jackie shot JFK. I don't see people going at him either. Again: why bother? 

But, Oswald in the doorway is big; there is nothing bigger. 

And remember something: it doesn't matter what lonenutters think about it because they are just automations. For them, rejecting it is mechanical. They have to reject it because the story, to which they have pledged allegiance, requires that they do. For them, it is like an obligatory move in chess; either make it or concede. 

And the same is true of HSCA CTs who think Oswald did it with an accomplice on the Grassy Knoll who missed (and as luck would have it got clean away like a fart in a high wind) and such weirdos as Robert Harris, who thinks that Oswald was on the 6th floor, one of a team of shooters, but he didn't really have his heart in it, so he deliberately shot and missed and may even have tried to warn Kennedy. And they typically think the Mafia was behind it all, which is really stupid. The Mafia was involved to some extent, but the whole apparatus of the "national security state" was behind it, as laid out by Vincent Salandria.

So, it doesn't matter a bit what any of those people think. It only matters what Oswald-innocent CTs think. But even then, you have to distinguish between the phony and the real. There are a lot of phony Oswald-innocent CTs, people like Lance Upperpunk. He claims to be an Oswald defender, but he never defends him. He claims to know that Oswald was not in the doorway, but he never claims to know where he was. He neither knows nor cares. Debunking Oswald in the doorway is the only interest he has in the JFK assassination. Lance is one of those British agents who is working the JFK cover-up from over the pond, and there are a lot of them.

So, we are down to real, non-phony Oswald-innocent CTs. They are the only ones whose opinions matter about this. And as of late June 2015, where do they think Oswald was at the time of the shots?

From what I've seen, the majority now say that he was in the doorway, which they claim either with complete certainty or high probability. And, even among those who don't claim to know where he was, the vast majority of them are open to Oswald being in the doorway. 

I consider someone who even leans towards Oswald being in the doorway a vote of confidence. So, when you put them all together, the great preponderance of Oswald-innocent CTs now support, to some extent or another, Oswald being in the doorway. 

So, Oswald in the doorway is not just back; Oswald in the doorway is now entrenched, at least in the online JFK scene. And the online JFK scene is the future of the JFK truth movement, for sure. 
So again, we have come a long ways. 

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