Sunday, December 13, 2015

Do you realize that the bag alone exonerates Oswald? He couldn't have made it. For that matter, I couldn't have. But, the important thing is that he couldn't have. There is no reason to think that he could. It's just too well put together. 

And that's why they switched to the other bag because they realized that they outdid themselves, that the bag that Montgomery was showcasing was TOO GOOD. It was beyond the pale. It really looked like a manufactured bag. There was no way Oswald could have done it. He wasn't an artist or a crafts guy. He had no training.  They didn't teach him bag-making in the Marines. 

The bag was just too good. Just shipping paper taped up? That thing? No way! It's too freakin' good. 

So, they came up with that other thing. And if you notice, it doesn't look anything like the other. 

The matching stain, Tony? That does it for you, does it? So, if I show you a picture of an elephant and a picture of a giraffe, and they both have a matching stain, you'll say they are the same picture? 

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