Sunday, December 27, 2015

"So, while one is in the Far East, the other one is the guy in Russia." Joseph Backes

That's Backes' take on what John Armstrong says, but he's got it wrong. John Armstrong does not say that one Oswald was in the Far East while the other was in Russia. 

The facts are that one Oswald finished his Marine service at El Toro Air Base while the other completed his Marine service at Santa Ana Radar Station- two distinct and different facilities. John found the records for both. He talked to people at both. Their distance apart was 12 miles. 

After the Oswald of fame finished at Santa Ana, he went back to Texas briefly and then on to Russia. After the other Oswald left El Toro, he fell off the radar, although John has suspicions about where he went and what he did. But, the only image we have of him after that is this one that Robert Oswald published. 

Robert Oswald dated that picture as February 1958, but there is NO CHANCE that that is correct. Oswald was still in the Far East then. He did not return to Texas on leave even once during his Far East tour. He was specifically in the Philippines at that time and may have been in the brig. It is absolutely impossible that he was in Texas at that time because his military record is well-documented. 

That's it, and it's enough. It's sufficient. But, there is also the fact that you can see that he's older. 

Obviously, there is a lot of change there, and he is several years older on the right. But supposedly, he was older on the left. Supposedly, the image on the right was from February 1958 and the image on the left was from a latter month in 1959.That is obviously not true.

So, Robert Oswald lied about the date because the Oswald of fame was in Russia when the image on the right was taken. It was probably from the winter of 1962.  

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