Tuesday, December 29, 2015

It's easy to tell that Robert Oswald was NOT a good-faith, loyal brother of the arrested LHO. 

What did LHO need more than anything else? A lawyer. And even if it were true that Oswald refused any and all lawyers except John Abt, whom he didn't even know, and who didn't even practice law in Texas, and for whom there is no reason to assume that he would have been willing to represent Oswald even if he could represent him- I don't believe that it's true because repeatedly Oswald asked the general public to come to his aid and help him get a lawyer: "I ask for someone to come forward to provide me with legal assistance" which was not a plea for someone to contact John Abt- but even if it was true, it was a very self-destructive decision, and a real brother would have said so.

RO: Lee, what is going on? Why do they think you killed two men?

LHO: I don't know, Robert. Of course, I didn't do it. This is a nightmare. 

RO: Where were you when Kennedy got shot?

LHO: I was standing outside in the doorway, watching, just like everybody else.

RO: Where were you when Tippit got shot?

LHO: I was in the theater. Look: I never went to 10th and Patton. What for? It wasn't on the way. What would I be doing there?

RO: Look: what you need is a lawyer...

LHO: I know, and there's this guy named Abt in New York....

RO: Shut the pluck up about Abt, Lee. You don't know him, and he's not here. He's in New York. You don't even know if he practices law in Texas. You need a Texas lawyer, and I am going to get you one. Now, you listen to me and listen good: you are being framed here. You're being set up. I don't know who is doing it, but somebody is. I don't want you to say another word to police until you have spoken to a lawyer. And you should have your lawyer present at any interrogations that follow. You tell them that you are not saying another frickin' word until your lawyer gets here. You hear me?

LHO: Yeah, I hear you, and I'll do as you say.

RO: OK, good. I'm going now. I am going to get you a lawyer, and I will be back with him as soon as I possibly can. Now, you stay strong, and you stay quiet. We are going to get you out of this. 

LHO: OK, thank you, Robert. I will.

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