Thursday, December 10, 2015

The claim has been made that the reason this bag looks asymmetrical, where it is wider at the bottom than the top (while it is being held inverted) is due to perspective distortion.

But, that is a false claim You can't just claim perspective distortion. You have to explain what about the perspective is causing distortion. 

Every image has "a" perspective but obviously, not every image is distorted. Some images, in fact, most images convey impressions that are essentially accurate. 

So, what is the perspective of the above picture that makes its impression misleading? 

Ike didn't  even address it. He just throw out the phrase "perspective distortion" like it was a trump card. 

There is NO basis to claim perspective distortion in this case because the photographer was facing the bag squarely. We are seeing the margins of the bag clearly. And we clearly see that it is tapering from above to below. The difference is quite vast, and there is no basis to claim that it is an optical illusion. There is also no basis to claim that shipping paper that was taped together would have such sturdiness and rigidity, but that's another matter. 

So, what is the "perspective"that is causing the visual effect that we see of the bag being tapered or you could say funneled? It's not a claim that is yours for the taking just by claiming it. I reject and deny your claim.   

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